Bare Minerals

I like this makeup, I use it and I’m always happy with how clean it feels. My cousin turned me onto it, and I’ve discovered there’s a strong underground of red-haird, red-faced women who love the coverage (when I wear it I look a little less like the town drunk…)

So a friend sent me the above coupon, and I offer it to you!

Go go and use the code FRIEND8. You’ll get 20% off of anything, and the world will be a more beautiful place!

The coupon is only good through Sunday. I have no affiliation with the company, I just really like the product…


I discovered these at ebay, and I use them to apply the makeup. You can fill it with powder, then twist out the retractable brush, tap it a few times and you have powder to put on your face.

They travel well, I’ve pared myself down to a purely powder makeup kit (much easier for getting through airport security!)

I haven’t found a refillable powder applicator that I like so well – but I have only found this so far at ebay.

Sorry for the non-knitting, I wanted to pass along the coupon and after a day of (FUN!) teaching I’m exhausted. To bed. Early.

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