Psyched for Stitch DC!

My class this morning was pretty darned big.

It was bigger than I expected (60 eager women – I thought it would be 20…) but it was fun!

All my classes here at Purljam have been so great; excellent students, a warm yarn shop staff and a lovely facility. It’s exactly what I needed to ‘get back on the horse’ and get my teaching chops back again.

Gina’s shop, Mosaic Yarn, has a really wonderful selection – I had to get some Fleece Artist Sea Wool and some beautiful Gems Merino that a local dyer, David Simpson, makes spectacular with his colorful touch

Today the students worked hard, maybe harder then anyone expected for a Sunday morning, but I think all in all it was fun for them. I hope it was!

A big class is good, but SO many students always make me feel that I’m not able to get to everyone, that there’s not quite enough of myself to go around.

I wish I could say it felt good to be so “thin”, but this morning I definitely wished there had been MORE of me! The fact that my throat sounded raw didn’t help, either... I’m fine, just a lot of talking, and some new allergens that made me sound a little hoarse this morning.

About 3/4 ways through the class this morning I got the worst case of PTP (pure teaching panic) that I’ve had in a long time. It was so weird.

It lasted about 2 minutes, then subsided, but it’s something I haven’t felt for a LONG time. Maybe the fact that the room was really big with strong temperature fluctuations between warm and cold had some effect on my own personal thermostat. It almost felt like a hot flash. Five years without ovaries should have taken care of that, right?

After class I had a VERY quick chat with Jared & Cornelia before I hit the road. Last night after a book signing at Mosaic, C & J dropped by for beers in my room.

We’ve all been working hard and haven’t socialized with each other as much I think we hoped! It was lovely, though, to at least have a few hours to compare notes and FINALLY meet them both!

I wanted to get on the road, so I didn’t have lunch but just signed a few books and said goodby to folks. The Purljam participants clapped when I left, it made me feel happy and giddy, a good frame of mind for a 5 hour drive!

I was tired on the road – not sleepy, just tired – so I was VERY happy to arrive at my hotel. Thank you priceline! I’m in a nice place for a cheap price, so I splurged by ordering room service (walnut & pear spinach salad, a beer & pie)

And now for a little knitting before diving into my trashy Princess Di bio (with tea and pie) and finally some sleep. I have an exceptional evening planned!

Tomorrow I teach 2 classes at Stitch DC, they’re two of my most favorite and fun classes, so I’m REALLY looking forward to it! I hope I can pull myself out of bed in time!

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