I’m up visiting Myrna (kvell) and her wonderful husband at their lake house. Yes, Gerry and the kids are here, too. Finally, a trip with ALL of us on the road! And the dog. Woof.

So far we’ve been wined and dined, and while Bob took Hannah and Maxie out in the boat for some evening fishing (catching a 3″ Walleye, and throwing it back…) Myrna and I had a lovely knit and chat together. Gerry tossed a ball around for Atticus, who is already torn between Gerry and Bob. Poor Atticus – so much love to give…

Driving North from the Twin Cities on the day before the 4th of July is like sitting in a parking lot. A drive that probably would have taken 2-3 hours on a ‘normal’ day took us over 4 hours today.

But we were giddy with the delight of a road trip, and had a wonderful time in the car. We are simple folk, nothing like the burning of some fossil fuels to raise all of our spirits. And we ate in the car – it’s hard to get much more American than that for the 4th, n’est ce pas?

I’m not sure how I’ve missed this – but a friend turned me onto the Knitting Scouts badges this morning, and I’m well on my way to earning them all (and inventing some new ones…) I love you, Brenda Dayne…

The “I’ve Knit Items With No Conceivable Practical Application” Badge – Recipients are those “special” campers who have knit items which somehow missed the mark of their intended application. There are probably more who are deserving of this badge than one would expect.

The “I’ve Written a Knitting Book” Badge – The recipient has written and published a book in which knitting patterns and beautifully photographed knitting feature prominently; Or, the recipient has written and published a book in which he/she writes eloquently about the knitting experience. No extra credit, but proper snaps if the recipient actually makes any money at it.

I swear, I’m always about 15 years behind any loop. But at least I’m happy back here!

And now, to bed, in a beautiful room overlooking a lovely lake. Let’s see if I actually get up for a nice, long walk tomorrow…? That’s my intention, but bed may just feel too darned good…

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