Such a Lovely Weekend!

Our family had SUCH a wonderful time this weekend – we are very grateful to our wonderful friends, M&B, who put up with 2 electronically-engaged kids, 1 aloof poodle, and a couple of adults who limped their way around the lake.

Gerry forgot his major pain meds, his oxy, which we didn’t realize until we arrived. Dang. I had brought the hydro (less big-deal pain med) and, although Gerry usually doesn’t even use it, I like to take it with us just in case. Good thing I did.

Every 4 hours I dosed him, and he did beautifully. So beautifully, in fact, that upon arriving home he announced he was going to try to STAY off of his oxy. Fine, I though, tomorrow’s Monday and we have no plans for a few days, why not…

This morning he was suffering. By lunch he’d decided to return to oxy. I am trying to explain to him that it’s not a sign of failure (and he DOES get that) but he developed some high hopes after two days off the oxy.

My personal feeling is that two days probably wasn’t enough to get the benefits of the drug entirely out of his system, but I’m speaking from an entirely ignorant position.

PF Not-Quite-Flyers
I was limping because the plantar fasilitis (which I seemed to have developed at TNNA) worsened dramatically this weekend. My doc told me last week that wearing Birkenstocks are supposed to be better for the pain, but – perhaps because I’m just different – wearing the birks makes my pain worse.

The Keens I bought this Spring are working beautifully for me, though, and make the pain almost totally gone. But I left them at home (next to Gerry’s pills, evidently) and spent this entire weekend either barefoot or in the only shoes I brought, Birks.

After being home and in my Keens for a few hours, the pain had lessened appreciably. I guess we all have different feet!

I’ve made an appt to see the doc, though, because she told me to come back if the pain worsened. As much time as I spend on my feet when traveling and teaching, I can’t really afford to let this become a chronic condition.

This weekend our host had one of the splints that hold the foot in a flexed position during sleep, which she graciously allowed me to use (and which seemed to help). But wearing those darned birks are the kiss of death for my own, personal plantar problem.

Buffalo Gold
I was given some beautiful Buffalo Gold yarn – I fell in love with it last TNNA – and already it’s inspired me to work up a hood/scarf laceweight thing. I don’t generally work in laceweight, but it’s been a sheer delight. When I acquire a camera, I’ll post some photos…

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