Lake Sick

I’ve never, EVER, EVER had a problem with any kind of seasickness.

[da, da, DUHHHHHHH]

Until today.

Maybe it’s because I’m still listening to the Outlander books and one of the main characters is seasick? Sympathy sickness?

Could it be that my cruise today started with a beer?

Possibly it was the 5 hour drive to the ferry (so I still had that “is the car moving…?” buzz going on when I walked onto the ferry?)

Or perhaps it was the heat? [or some rare disease? or maybe it’s fleas?]

To the left is a photo of the harbor in Wisconsin as we left. Below is what the same scene looked like to ME.

At any rate, I spent most of the trip (after the beer) in the women’s lounge, which is a stateroom with a permanently propped open door and a padded bench. Mmmmm, good times.

I peeked into the men’s lounge to break the monotony, and some guy there had a rag over his face, which made me feel less alone…
I did get some embroidery work done. For some reason focusing on that made me feel better.

What made me feel worse (MUCH worse) was when I made the mistake of going to the movie room, sitting in a reclining chair and watching the movie. Eeesh, even thinking about it is making me a little queasy…

Something to do with being in a darkened, window-less room watching a wide screen and feeling the movement of the boat up from my legs through my body really got to me. I don’t think I felt as ill when I could actually see the water. Air was good. It was a long 4 hours.

I did take a minute from my busy schedule of trying not to lose my breakfast to photograph this humorous sign.

No running. Apparently that doesn’t mean the paint…

Tomorrow I teach, but not until the evening so I’m going to sleep in.

I have tums, and I’m not afraid to use them…

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