Today I’m better – yay sleep!

I just had a nice cup of tea and a roll for breakfast, and I’m going to visit a local CVS to get some grooming product so that I’m more beautiful than ever for this evening. Sort of a low bar, but I try to crawl across it every now and then…

I’m in that stage of hair length when I think I want it to grow out, but I’m arm wrestling myself not to get it cut off short, short, short.

And once again, here is the kind of hard-hitting, high excitement content that keeps you coming back for more.

Further update:
A walk over to Walgreens (not a lot of walking going on, no sidewalk or crosswalk and I’ve determined that the SUV Slalom should be a new Olympic event…) and the purchase of some Root Touch-up dye and I’m a new woman. Literally – I’m shiny!

And now to explore Ludington!

I switched my trip out from Monday morning to Sunday night because the internet here at the Holiday Inn is SOOOOOO slow (even with a bridge) that it doesn’t make sense for me to stay another night just to do work. So I’ll get home sooner – yay!

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