New Camera

I’m not home yet, but I have a new camera back at the house waiting for me!

We went to National Camera Exchange and looked at a few models. I fell in love with the Canon G9, but it was just too pricey ($500).

We looked at other Canon models, and found out that the G7 was very similar to the G9, and definitely good enough for my needs.

Luckily there was a used one on sale at National Camera ($290), so we had it sent to the NCE location where we’d seen the original camera (and where the salesman had been so helpful!)

Gerry picked it up Friday and got it home just in time to capture this photo of a hurt bird that Hannah found. I’m very impressed with the wing/feather detail – that’s exactly what I was looking for in terms of stitch detail.

It’s wing is damaged, so the plan is to let it rest overnight then take it to a wild bird spca (Gerry’s frantically looking for one) tomorrow morning.

I’m away, of course, so I’m missing the excitement. I’m sure the cats are beside themselves.

I’ve had such a lovely time here in Ludington – Nautical Yarns is a wonderful yarn shop and this is a truly lovely community!

I was admiring the petunias planted in the town and along the main street meridian, and who should be in one of my first classes but one of the movers and shakers of the gardening club! It was nice to be able to tell her how lovely the extra touch of the flowers was.

The students have been so much fun, it’s obvious how much they love being here (and their knitting!) There’s a big fishing tournament this weekend here in Ludington, one of my student’s husband was in the boat that won the amateur prize last year, so we’re all waiting with baited (ha!) breath to see if he’s in the lucky boat again.

Five classes in a weekend is a lot of teaching, but I’ve had such a wonderful time with Carole and her staff and customers. Today I’m teaching lace and the mitered bag class, both of which are lots of fun and full of tips. And then off to the boat for a sunset cruise back over to Wisconsin – This is fine living, baby.

White Lines
It’s been such a joy to do my last two teaching trips in my car. Yes, I know it’s not as environmentally friendly as flying, but these were both locations that I couldn’t really fly to (without spending a GREAT deal of money, AND rent a car to get me around…)

I was starting to feel pretty raw and I think I needed some driving time to focus on things that I needed to think about. For whatever reason, it’s harder to focus when I’m at home, consumed with the day to day events and duties. But after 4 days away from Gerry and the kids I’m VERY ready to get back home – I miss them like NUTS!

Instead of staying over in Ludington, I decided to take the ferry back over this evening and then drive back to MN, stopping on the way if I feel tired. I’m going to spring for a private room on the boat so if I’m ill, at least I can be so in privacy!

No beer this time.

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