Long, Long Day

Yesterday (Sunday) was a LONG day! A very nice day, but incredibly long!

I taught in the morning and afternoon at Nautical Yarn (excellent classes, smaller than the first two, but more intimate!), then I headed off to the SS Badger for my return crossing from Michigan to Wisconsin. I did not get ill this time – I think it was because I spent the entire trip in the air or near a window, and I felt pretty good.

The view of the moon rising was phenomenal – THAT was worth the whole price of admission (that plus the lightning off to the North)

It was a lovely evening, but I couldn’t get a good shot of the moon with my cell phone. I won’t forget it, though.

I also knit on the boat – here’s a photo of a lace project I’m doing with Buffalo Gold’s bamboo blend (taken with the cell phone), it’s been a fun little take-along project as I travel, and I ADORE how this yarn knits up …

Once I got off the ship I thought I’d drive as far as I could before stopping to rest, I made it to Wausau. Up this morning at 8:30, and on the road and home by 1:30. Life is good!

Waiting for me was the aforementioned Cannon G7, so I took it along when I biked over to Max’s baseball game this evening and took some photos. I call this one, “Laceball”

It was the Dodgers vs. the Cubs, and the Dodgers lost. We were very sad.

Our first loss of the season, and next week are the playoffs. Max was tagged running home from third by the best player on the Cubs, which I told him was sort of a badge of honor.

He wasn’t buying it…

But now I’m home, and here I’ll stay (aside from personal trips) until I go to teach in Portland in September. I’m looking forward to the unbroken time with the family!

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