I'm working, I'm working …

Boy, give me an office and I go nuts!

I’ve been pining for this, aching for a place to sit quietly alone and work. Did I ever NEED this!

I’m so much more focused, more productive and HAPPIER than I’ve been in months. It’s hard to feel that you don’t have a place – harder to feel that you have to earn the mortgage and have no place to DO so!

There are minor things; I have to move a bunch of stuff up to the office, I have to get the printer to work.

But I’ve finished one article and two patterns in two days. Red letter, baby!

Max is in heaven in his new office, Hannah now has her computer in her room to do homework (yes, I know it’s not the best idea, we’re keeping an eye on her) and we’ll be moving the computer OUT of Max’s room to the basement where we’ll set up a new ‘electronics center’ in what might have been my office. We have our worked cut out for us.

It’s very good to have a husband who’s good with electronics and computer stuff. The down side is that he has a penchant for bringing home orphaned computers and bringing them back to life, so we’re lousy with them.

When we had one room where they all lived, it wasn’t a big deal. Now that we have to farm them out to their respective users, it’s a dicier situation. Especially with the kids involved… We want them to have access, but controlled access.

I also have an air conditioner in my office – and it’s heaven. For the 2 months when it’s necessary off and on, it’s worth it. I’m so much more productive when I’m partially frozen.

Family Road
We’re gearing up for a road trip to NJ for the Multiple Myeloma Convention next weekend. House sitters are arranged, the cats have already started complaining, but we’re taking Atticus with us so he’ll be happy. We got a very nice rate at a Marriott suite near the airport in Newark, which is close to our friends AND the convention in Short Hills.

It will give the kids a week to visit old friends, me a chance to see some familiar faces and Gerry a chance to visit with his new niece. Originally we’d planned on having Max and Gerry fly, but it’s become hard for Gerry to travel if he’s not sitting in exactly the right way (which is ironically easier to do in a car than in a plane – plus we can stop whenever we want for a stand up rest)

It was a hard choice, and we’re not sure if it’s the right one, but Gerry feels better about it so that’s okay with me. In a small way I was looking forward to some down time, all the driving may get old, but this is an important convention for him to go to and the family / friend stuff is worth all of the effort.

I’m also half expecting a call to go down to West Virginia for a large part of August – which I am more than happy to do. Once again, I wish there were two of me.

Baseball Finale
Tonight is Max’s last baseball game of the year, and I made his coach a scarf. Useless in the summer heat, but I know it will be used when winter rolls around. I crocheted it, because it’s fast and worked well with the yarn.

Thoughtful, but a little lazy, that’s me!

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