Turnabout is Fair Play

It’s been a while since Han’s been on the blog, and Max has had MAXimum coverage what with all the kayaking and skiing and baseball.

So here’s a shot of Hannah in a wimple type of scarf that I just finished in Buffalo Gold’s #13, Buffalo & Bamboo yarn. She looks thrilled to be modeling for mom in August, huh?

Actually, it’s absolutely lovely here. My doc (I saw her today because of my breathing) says it’s been SO humid here, but compared to NJ or Ohio, it’s a balmy breeze.

I’m slightly worried about breathing in NJ, but I have prednisone and – although I had the ‘puffing’ effects it has on my body – it has a beautiful way of allowing me to breath again.

The wimple is a one-skein, 250yd laceweight project, and as soon as I have the pattern written up I’ll distribute it in some way (I’m thinking this may be my next “free only through a yarn shop” patterns – I’ve heard the Ruffled Roses Scarf has been really successful for yarn shops across North America)

We’re packing up, which for me means trying to get my projects to a finished state, or an easily transportable state. And trying to figure out ways to make the car comfortable for 4 folks, a dog and some books or games.

Gerry’s not big on driving these days, and I don’t blame him. Aside from sitting pain (when he’s a passenger he can move around and lay back if he wants) he has an awkward tendency to fall asleep (so bad when driving) and he thinks the pain meds makes him loopier than he’d like to be.

But, as he DEFINITELY needs the meds, and we’d ALL like to have a peaceful end, I’ll be doing the lion’s share of the driving.

But I love that, you all know that…

This means less knitting, but more thinking time. I’ve forewarned the kids that mom may have one earphone from her ipod plugged in during the trip, and when you see this, don’t bother mom.

We’re probably going to be listening to a LOT of Harry Potter, though – always fun – and we might even sing. Do families still sing in the car? All of those ‘cooler than thou’ movies in the 80’s and 90’s when they parodied singing car trips might have made it a rather gauche thing to do, but we’re all lefties.

BTW – anyone have any recent experience with St. Marie Among the Hurons? We went when I was a kid and I was NUTS about it, but I don’t know if it would be right for the kids at 11 & 10…?

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