The Little Blog Post That Couldn't

Here’s what I would have written yesterday if I’d had wifi…

It’s my second time in a Holiday Inn Express in 2 weeks, and I’m not having an easy time with the internets – AGAIN.

I don’t know if it’s a HIE problem, but the signal is just so weak I can’t log on.

But here’s a short rundown on our Wednesday on the Road.

We drove a lot,
Traffic in Chicago sucked
(we saw TWO accidents!)
There are lots of cops in Indiana
(I swear, more cops than cows!)
We stopped just about every hour for a walking break for everyone
(especially Gerry & Atticus)
The corn was as high as an elephant’s eye

The saddest thing, though, is there is no Bravo or Comedy Central at the hotel, thus no Project Runway or Jon Stewart. Dang.

However, there was a very well done documentary on Hirosima on HBO which we watched with the kids, and it was a good jumping off point for a discussion of how complex the whole situation was – the same conversation I remember having with my mom when I was Hannah’s age.

My mom had the benefit of referencing my beloved Uncle Jim-Bob (nee Max Hurl – he’s partly who Max is named for) who served in the Pacific theater of the war (he was on both the Hornet and the Wasp, and his stories being shipwrecked, and of waiting in shark filled waters for deliverance, were hair raising!)

That made the whole thing make a bit more sense to Jimmy and me as kids in the 1960’s – more immediate. It’s such a frightening and awe-filled episode in history. So maybe missing Project Runway wasn’t so bad after all…

Much the same as Wed, nice driving made even nicer with Harry Potter and Gerry drove about 4 hours (so I got some car knitting done – woo!)
Now we’re here in Maplewood, NJ, staying at the home of some friends who are on vacation this weekend (they asked us just before we left if we’d house sit and feed their cat – uh, YE-AH!) There’s a few days of overlap when the dad in the family will be here with us, which is terrific for Gerry as they’re great friends, and Gerry’s missed seeing him SO much.

Driving into South Orange / Maplewood was surreal for Gerry, I could tell. He was very quiet, perhaps thinking about how little it’s changed and how much he’s changed.

And I’m watching Project Runway and Kathy G, both tonight. What a delicious way to unwind after a day of driving!

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