Green Lake

We drove up yesterday, Gerry, the kids, Max’s friend, Charlie, Atticus and me – a car full!

On the way we stopped at Wendys and Gerry walked the dog. When I looked out the window I saw him resting (goofing) and realized just how badly Gerry needs a break, too!

Our trip to NJ – as fun as it was – was not really a vacation for anyone, and all the travel was exhausting for Gerry.

I was feeling sort of guilty for dragging Gerry up to the lake house (was it fair to make him crawl back into a car again?) But this past day has been so great, and we have 5 more to go!

I’m actually back in St. Paul, I had to return with Hannah (she has an event tomorrow that she can’t miss, a school thing) but we’ll be driving back tomorrow afternoon and then I’ll be dark (no internet) until Thursday. So enjoy these shots now, I’ll be back at the end of the week!

The house is just delightful – quite lovely! The lake is beautiful and warm and wonderful (and inspires Gerry to strike a Captain Morgan pose!)

I went into town to check about renting a kayak or something for a few days, but found this inflatable one on HUGE sale.

I’d been toying with the idea of getting something like this, I know it’s not a ‘real’ kayak, but it will be very easy to store this winter and pull out for other lake weekends. And the cost was about what I’d expected to pay for a canoe or kayak rental.

After some paddling around and some swimming (yes, I joined the kids) we all had a killer game of Sorry!, where I was soundly trounced by all three kids. One would think they’d have more respect for their poor, old mom.

Hannah made a pet of a grasshopper and named it “Fred.” Then it flew off. Fickle, Fred.

When Hannah and I left today the boys were heading out to the dock for some fishing. We started packing some stuff in the car and who should arrive but a blog reader with a plate of the best cookies I’ve had in a LONG time!

Thank you SO much, Maria!! Please, do come by again for a visit and some swimming! And, yes, I have been working on that article…

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