Group Fun!

On Sunday after Hannah finished her St. Paul errands we headed back out to Spicer to rendez vous with Gerry and a few friends who had come out from the Twin Cities.

As much fun as the house was when it was just the 5 of us, it was so much MORE fun with others with which to share the lake!

We swam – they swam and I watched – and fished – and swam – and kayaked – and swam. What a lovely day! Then we had a wonderful dinner and sat outside, around a fire, watching the lake grow dim.

When the stars came out we saw the Milky Way. I’ve never seen it – nor had anyone else up at the cottage! It was so exciting for us, and we made the kids (who were playing pool in the basement) come out and see the stars. Gratifyingly, they were as excited as we were! I tried to take a photo, but I just don’t have the right equipment.

Then a wonderful night’s rest, and the next morning I was up to make bacon and scrambled eggs for everyone. Cooking for such a large group was really fun, I enjoyed it, and it made everything so much nicer when our friends came downstairs to a kid-set table and hot coffee. Life is good!

More swimming, walking, kayaking, diving, pool, more tournament SORRY! and we saw a loon in the lake.

All the time, in the backgroud, is playing a 4-disk “History of the First World War” by Channel 4 that someone seems to be watching all the time (perhaps me?)

It was sad to say goodbye to our friends, but we’d convinced them to stay a lot longer than they originally intended. And we’re keeping one of their kids, so that makes up for the loss…

I brought my bike back from St. Paul and went for a 5 mile ride last night. I was looking for a liquor store, I wanted to make Pina Coladas (Gerry and I make them every year around our anniversary, we’re such light weights) but I didn’t find one. Returning home I realized that at one point in my ride I’d been within 2/10 of a mile from the local booze-barn. Dang.

So I returned for groceries and PC mix, and a nice evening became even mellower. Of course, now that I have my bike here, everyone wants their bikes here. But mom rules (baby!) and I could only fit one bike on the rack (well, only MY bike as it has that big front basket)

Let’s just say everyone benefits when mom is able to get a nice bike ride in every day.

Two more days, then home on Thursday. This is heaven, and a wonderful gift – I can’t believe that I was so divided about coming out here after the WV/NJ jaunt. It turns out this is exactly what I needed.

We may take the kids to a movie tonight (Mummy 3) and I may look into how much it would be to rent bikes for a day. I’m not promising ANYTHING, though.

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