7 Miles of Heaven

Spicer is 5 miles from New London, but we’re in North Spicer so we’re actually 3-1/2 miles away as the bike rides.

Last night – finally (on my last evening here) I biked up to New London on the magnificent state bike trail and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Of course, I got here so late that the internet cafe and the yarn shop were both closed (too bad!) but I had a absolutely lovely time.

So this morning, instead of packing like I should be doing, I’m playing hookey and leaving it to Gerry and the kids to do the dirty work of laundry, taking the garbage out, getting the suitcases packed, etc. I figure it’s only fair as I’ve been the pack-mule for all of our trips so far this summer, and I’m feeling so – tired – that I needed to give myself this break.

They can consider it an early birthday present.

I don’t know WHAT took me so long to get to New London, but I wish I would have done it on day one. This is a hoppin’ place, in a small town sort of way, and really a lovely little town.

The cafe where I’m breakfasting – Latte Da Espresso – is THE place to be! It’s jammed with folks talking politics (local, state and national), weather, hunting, fishing, school district stuff. But the big topic seems to be Should Folks Who Can’t Drive Be Allowed To Drive Golf Carts.

I hadn’t intended to stay long enough to visit the local yarn shop, Uniquely Knits, but it opens in half an hour so maybe I’ll just have another cup of coffee and settle in…?

One of the baristas here is a new knitter, but you can tell from the gleam in her eye that she’s an ADVENTUROUS knitter – the best kind!

Talking with her was fun – she likes my Knit For Brains T-shirt – and I may run out and get her a set of Flip Knits from the car before I go.

This has been SUCH a wonderful week. Yesterday the whole family went for a bike ride to the park, then Gerry and Hannah rode farther to the grocery store in search of flip-flops (Hannah lost hers in the lake) The bikes we were riding were courtesy of Maria-of-the-cookies, the most amazing unexpected visitor we’ve ever had. THANK YOU MARIA!! (and you should see her car…)

But the week ends today – we could stay until tomorrow, but both kids have their school orientations this evening, and we can’t miss THAT! And just in time, it looks as though the leaves are starting their move toward the crisp, lovely, best time of year – AUTUMN!

Gerry jokes that every Fall I get itchy to do something new. Move, start a new job, go someplace. And it’s true – a convergence of my birthday (second hint) and the pavlov-like ring of a new-school-year make me feel that something DIFFERENT should be happening.

Could it be that this is why I’m feeling – unsettled – in my knitting/ designing/ teaching life right now? I’ve been fighting with demons of insecurity for a lot of this summer; am I doing the right thing by continuing the designing? Am I strong enough as ONE designer and teacher to alter the mindset of so many organizations to treat us [designers and teachers] with respect [decent teaching & travel compensation, IP rights to our designs, etc.]

I just don’t know if I have the stamina right now. So I’m foundering.

The article on shaping is taking so much longer than I’d anticipated (I think I’m just not sure if it’s an article on shaping a SWEATER, or on creative ways of shaping like entrelac and mitered knitting…?) The last deadling for IK submissions came and went and I couldn’t dig myself any time to put together sketches and swatches (with the full knowledge that the large majority of them would be rejected) I think I’m just tired. Creatively, mentally, physically, emotionally exhausted and drained.

But there’s still so much work to do. The Knit With Courage books should be ready from the printer soon, and at that point I’ll be sending out the pre-orders and doing more marketing stuff. I was going to devote most of August to marketing, but we all know how THAT turned out.

I talked to Jan yesterday, she’s nauseas from the chemo, bored, heartsick at missing her dogs, and she could really use me there.

I could use me here.

And do not forget this little cautionary tidbit: 100 Things To Do Before You Die author Dave Freeman dies at 47

Get out and do something new today, even if it’s just a new knit stitch.

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