School Haze


8:30: Headed to New London for some tea and wifi
9:30: Finished blogging
10:00: Visited Uniquely Knit, a WONDERFUL tiny shop with a big, big stock of lovely yarns!
10:30: Back to the Spicer house for packing
10:45: Clean out refrigerator
11:00: Clean bathrooms
11:15: Vacuum
11:30: Pack top of car
12:00: Last look through house
12:15: Last look for lost keys (oops)
12:30: Drive to St. Paul
3:15: Arrive home (yay!)

Hannah had time for a QUICK shower before Gerry ran her over to her Jr. High for orientation. I rode over as soon as I’d showered and Max went to watch his friends football practice.

5:30: Max goes to HIS school orientation with his friend, I meet him there
6:00: I rendez vous with his friends’ mom who agrees to take Max home, I give her husband a ride over to the Jr. High to pick up their older child’s schedule (I was driving, I didn’t ride him on my bike…)
6:30: I meet up with Gerry and Hannah and we go through her day, class by class, until 8:30. She will have to go up and down stairs a LOT during her day… It wore out this old mom, let me tell you…
8:45: Gerry and Han drive home, I ride my bike (and make it in record time!) Just in time to see the coverage of BO’s acceptance speech. Which I’m watching now as I blog.

My day. Tomorrow I will sleep in. Yes I can.

PS – Thank you SO MUCH for your balanced and kind comments and suggestions on my last post. I think you’re right – all of you – and this is probably the time to find a way to make it work locally and do the midwest thing as well as I can. Geeze, I’m lucky to have the balance that a blog gives me, thank you all so much.

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