Autumn Biking

Yesterday I convinced Hannah that she should ride to school (I bribed her with the promise of Jamba Juice after classes) so we huffed and puffed and made it by the bell!

Today she missed her bus, so when I told her, “Well, we’ll just have to ride!” the look on her face was a cross between horror, hatred and pure desperation. When she realized I was serious she gamely put on her helmet, pulled her bike off the porch and we took off for a ride to her Jr. High.

We made it before the bell (yay!) and I feel very satisfied that SHE knows that she has the power to get her butt to school in 15 minutes if she needs to. So far so good on the Jr. High front…

We were talking about bikes yesterday, she wondered who invented them and was surprised when I said they hadn’t really been around THAT long – just a little bit longer than the car.

The feeling of power and freedom – independence – that I feel when I ride a bike are amazing, it must have been so intoxicating for the first bicyling women, that sense of control.

“Bicycling has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world. I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel.
It gives women a feeling of freedom and self-reliance.” – Susan B. Anthony (1896)

I love my bike.

Color Fast
I haven’t been writing about my knitting much because I’ve been struggling with the same *&#(@ colorwork project – a very small one – for over a week now. It’s slow going, but when it works it will be – okay. I’m making a set of wrist warmers on dpns showing a few simple colorwork techniques for Knitting Daily TV, I’ll be shooting it in Cleveland on 9/16.

While I’m in Cleveland I’ll be teaching some classes at Stitch Cleveland on 9/16 & 9/17 (info’s not posted yet, but I’ll do an evening and daytime Combo class, and an evening Mitered Bag class) and hopefully doing some book signings!

Speaking of the books, I drove over to the printer yesterday and okay’d the proof – it was terribly exciting! I’ve okay’d proofs before, but this felt different – so special – and the book is going to look AMAZING! I really like my printer, Bookmobile. They do great work, they’re at a good price point, and I can drive over and pick up my books (thus saving those extremely high shipping costs!)

Today if life goes well I will get a bit further on the shaping article (yes, still not done…) and I’ll get the colorwork conquered. Small bites, one at a time!

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