The Plungeor, My First Bike Challenge

A few days ago I heard an ad for the St. Paul Classic Bike Tour, and I think I’m going to do it…

Here’s the route (I’m doing the short, 15 mile route – the website says that folks can do that, THEN do the 30 mile for a full 45 mile day. Uh, no. Or, rather, not yet…):

I asked the kids if they’d like to go – it’s not a race, everyone goes at their own pace and there are supposed to be wonderful rest stops along the way.

Hannah isn’t too thrilled to accompany me, and I don’t want to force her when I’m not even sure I can do it myself!

Max would love to do it, and he could, but he has Hebrew School at 10:30. I’m planning on starting at 8:00, and we might finish in plenty of time for him to go to HS, but I hate to risk him missing in case it takes us longer than expected… I’m estimating I can do it in 2 hours, going at my own slow, asthmatic pace.

However, my friend, Amy (who will be accompanying Hannah and me to Paris in September along with her daughter) is going to do the tour with me. IF it doesn’t rain. I’m not riding in the rain, I just don’t have time to get a chill and a cold…

After the ride we’re going out to a friends for brunch, so I can drown my sore knees in mimosas…

To prepare I got up today and did a ride. I went down Summit to the Mississippi, then back on Princeton (with a LOT of huffing, puffing and eventually walking my bike up some hills….) and then over to St. Clair for the final push.

I only rode about 7 miles total this morning, less than half of what I will be doing tomorrow.

But the good news is that I feel great and I’m pretty darn sure I can do all 15 miles. I know to established bikers I must sound like a terrible neophyte, but 15 miles at one time is a big deal for me.

Wish me luck, and pray for sunshine! If you live in St. Paul, look for me along the route!

On the way back I stopped at a neighbor’s garage sale and picked up some books and a lamp and a pair of shoes for Hannah. We chatted, her son is a good friend of Max, and I had such a warm feeling knowing that I have a good friend just a few doors away – someone close to my age, with kids my age. Good all around.

And it’s only 9:30! And, since I am feeling so full of vinegar, I’m taking Atticus for a walk so he can have a good day, too!

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