Either I'm getting old…

… or my knees and legs are just getting tired.

It’s probably residual from the bike thing last weekend, and the fact that I [stupidly] wore the Evil Birks* this past week when I went to get my pedicure. I’m going to throw them away when I get home.

I’m like Homer Simpson with that week old sandwich. Oh, birkenstocks, I can’t stay mad at you…

The flight was actually very nice, lots of room and I got a nice amount of knitting done. As I was standing up to grab my bag my knee went OUT and the walk to the baggage claim was pretty awful. But I was able to do some stretching down by the luggage conveyor (to the amusement of many fellow travelers) and my leg reverted to its previous tamed state.

The luggage actually wasn’t that much of a bear to handle, it all went on a cart pretty well, and I also packed one of those fold-able, wheeled carriers so I can get the big box of books into the convention center tomorrow.

On to the hotel where I tried to check in, but no rooms yet (I’d requested early check in, but they said there’d be nothing until later) so I drove over the Columbia to McMenamins for a nice lunch, then to Mon Ami’s for a nice crepe, and to Unraveled for a nice circular needle. It was all very nice. When I went back to the hotel I wasn’t nuts about the first room they gave me (it overlooked the highway and a construction site) so they were kind enough to move me so I had a nicer vew.

Nine, one, oh – you know…
It was odd to fly today – 911 – of course no one talked about it, mentioned it, but I’m sure we were all very aware of it.

On MSNBC they’re running the TODAY show from 9/11/01. I remember sitting in my home office, watching it, Gerry hovering over my shoulder and Hannah and Max upstairs asleep. Now here I am, sitting and working on my computer and watching the same thing again – so surreal – I’m so nauseus all over again.

We lost TV soon after the second plane hit, we didn’t have cable and when the antenna went down at WTC2 a lot of folks lost their reception. I know it’s minor, but turning on that TV and getting nothing but static was so surreal, like a scene in every end-of-the-world movie.

Strolling By The River
I escaped the 911-thon and went for a walk this evening along the Columbia, I’m right on the river and watched the sunset reflect off of Mt. Hood – very lovely. I do wish I had my bike, it would be fun to ride around here.

I’m going to bury myself in a biography of Queen Victoria’s daughters – I don’t want to think about recent history tonight.

*The management does not intend to implicate every pair of birkenstocks, just the one pair that I wore WAY too long, evidently compressing them and turning them into an instrument of torture when worn by my particular feet. Any resemblance to any other pair of evil birks, real or imaginary, is entirely unintentional. I feel your pain.

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