Two Macs & A Spinning Wheel

There’s Liz Gipson of Handwoven, preparing for a segment and adding a rustic touch to Kim Werkers & my mac laptops. Life on the cyber frontier.

Today was a LONG day – a very good day – but a long, long, day…

After arriving in Cleveland last evening and being graciously met at the airport by Cathy Bothe of Signature Needles, we drove to the hotel where I collapsed after eating half a burger and blogging. Oh, and I got to watch Comedy Central (I missed you, Steven…)

Up this morning at 6:00 am (3:00 am PT, which I was still kind of experiencing) a shower, packing, makeup, and then off to the studio with Cathy and her kind husband Kent for our segment of Knitting Daily TV.

What a delight to get to spend all day with Eunny, Kim, Shay and Liz!

Cathy was SO funny! During her segment we watched backstage and she was absolutely adorable – a knitting Paula Deen. It was so gratifying to hear everyone who tried her needles today just RAVE about them. Yes, they’re expensive, there’s no doubt about that. But to my mind they’re worth every penny.

And all who try them them are waiting with bated (baited?) breath for the much anticipated and whispered-about Signature circs. They can’t come too soon for me!

After the segment Cathy and Kent took off for Wisconsin, I hung around the studio waiting for Shannon’s segment to end. In the mean time I got myself roped into another segment about rolling a ball of yarn (would you like some eggs with your ham?) and THAT ended up going until 5:00.

Which left Shannon and I precious little time to get to River Color Yarns, adjacent to Stitch Cleveland, for my 6:00 class, but we just barely made it. I was sad that I didn’t have more time to check out the yarn, but I’ll have plenty of time tomorrow, and I fully intend to do a little stash addition…

The class was larger than I’d expected – 13 folks – all of them hard, hard workers. It was a beautiful evening in Cleveland, but a little warm in the shop, which made me feel low energy. Shannon insisted that I seemed very energetic, but I was feeling the burn.

After class Shannon drove me to my hotel, (#4 this week: Marriott, Hilton, Clarion & Radisson) and I discovered I was just in time for most of the local restaurants and room service to stop delivering.

However, I was able to get a nice stromboli from a local pizza place, I have my current mitered Seawool project in front of me, and life is beautiful.

I’m right across the hall from the pool, which I may enjoy tomorrow morning (if I get up at a half decent hour)

One of the weirdest things about staying in 4 hotels in a week is seeing how they differ as to TV stations. None had Bravo (damn!), three had MSNBC, two had Comedy Central, one had TRU TV.

And now you know the stations that I watch…

Tomorrow, 2 more classes. Friday, home.

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