Leaving Paradise

The bags are packed, the ride to the airport is arranged and appropriate knitting & crochet’s been selected for the trip. We’re ready. Hannah’s upstairs, trying to sleep. I’m making her go to school tomorrow, but she’ll leave early and we’ll catch our plane at 3:45.

Direct flight, baby – then it’s cafe au lait and croissants for everyone!

I was sitting in the back yard today – a glorious early Autumn day – enjoying myself and the sound of our push mower, trying to finish a quick project that’s due on Oct 10.

The kids had a half day, they were pumped and Gerry was using the edge trimmer (which apparently makes men go all giddy.) so we were all living the high life.

As I sat in the sun, petting Shiloh and enjoying the fresh air, the thought seriously crossed my mind, “I hope it’s as beautiful in Paris as it is here in St. Paul.”

I’m certain it will be. We have walking tours and bike tours arranged, and a whole lot of just “hanging out” time when we’re not expecting to do ANYTHING. Anyone know of any knitting groups I can crash while in town?

A friend recommended we stop by Monoprix and pick up some plates and cutlery so we can dine in our room when we’re exhausted. I remembered that one of my best evenings in Paris in my misspent youth was drinking a box (!) of wine and eating cheese from the shop downstairs, all in the confort of my hotel room.

We’re doing this trip on a shoestring – frequent flier miles for the airfare, our hotel (le Hotel Tiquetonne) is 59 euros a night (recommended by a friend – and the reviews are not bad) so anything we can do to save a little coin is right in keeping with the sentiment of the journey.

This has been the week to miss stuff.

On Monday Gerry forgot that he was supposed to be at the Mayo for his 3-month checkup. Oops. We rescheduled.

On Tuesday I forgot I was supposed to be in Minnetonka for a book signing. Oops. I arrived very late, the folks were lovely and actually hung around. Better than I deserve.

We also missed the season opener of Heroes. Why are we missing stuff?

I think I’m still getting over the travel of last week, and anticipating the travel of next week.

And anticipating yet another trip. I called Jan today and she’s in bad shape. It’s getting harder for her to hold her phone, to just be. A very hard phone call. I made her laugh a little, but it wasn’t like being there.

Who knew I’d ever say to myself that I wish I weren’t going to Paris this week.

When I get back I’ll high-tail it down to Marietta to be with her – then a side trip to Memphis the weekend of the 10th for classes, and then back to WV.

I’m very glad I kept my teaching engagements down this Fall so I’d be able to run to her when ever she wanted me to – and here I am going to Paris right when I think she needs me the most.

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