…and gone.

D. Janese “Jan” Tennant
December 6, 1953 – October 8, 2008

It is with enormous sadness that I write to tell you that Jan passed from this world last evening around 9:45.

Her sister-in-law, Joyce, and I were with her at the end. The love of her life, David, arrived just minutes after she passed – we were all with her.

Joyce has been an amazing angel in all of this, comforting, calming and being with Jan every moment that she could. She continues to be a source of strength. Her friends who streamed in and out of her room and the nurses at Harmar Place were wonderfully uplifting to her spirits, we are grateful for their love and attention.

Jan leaves a space that will be hard to fill – she held so many people together, and was one of the most widely loved people I know.

David said last night, She didn’t have an enemy

…Except, maybe, for the woman next door who didn’t like her dogs barking.

Jan was that loved.

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