Wrench Dancing

I was following various links to their idiotic ends online at 6:00 this morning (up early – travel does that to me…) and ran across this video. It made me laugh – and I found myself dancing around the kitchen singing, “Pipe — wrench — fi-iiiiiiiight!”

So even though I’m sad & troubled – even PO’d at a lot of things, I’m happily dancing around the kitchen.

Schedule Ch-ch-changes
I’ve shortened my trip to New England in Nov a bit, I just don’t feel I should be away from Gerry for so long again so soon. He fell while I was gone, he’s good, but it rattled both of us. I’ve been away more than I’ve been home since Sept 1, and I can see how it’s wearing on the family.

So if you were going to attend the WEBS class, or even if you weren’t, please know that I’m offering two classes right in downtown Boston on Nov 6th at the College Club.

I’m gratified with how quickly they seem to be selling out, so if you’d like to register please do so right away! I’ll also be at Slater Mill in Pawtucket, RI the 7th – 9th of Nov, check out my classes there!

Also, I’ve been asked by Rainbow Yarns in Memphis if I’d like to try to reschedule the engagement I had to cancel for Jan’s funeral. I’d love to, and we’re working with the Memphis guild to see if we could work that out.

Common Good – Oct 26th
If you’re going to be anywhere near the Twin Cities, please consider coming out to Common Good Books (Garrison Keillor’s bookstore) for a signing I’ll be doing on Sunday, Oct 26th at 2:00 pm.

The location is 165 Western Ave N, Suite 14, St Paul, MN 55102

I’m pretty psyched about this, and I want to show the folks who arranged it that yes, a book with ‘Knit’ in the title CAN bring out a good response.

I’m considering legally changing my name to Stephanie Pearl McPhee, just to be safe…

So if you’d like to hear me ramble on for a bit, reading from my book, come on by! It’s free, and you’ll have a good time!

Back To My Routine
As soon as I finish my oatmeal this morning I’m going to go for a long bike ride. Maxie just left for the Science Center with a few of his friends, Hannah’s sleeping in, and Gerry’s still in bed, too. A Thursday masquerading as a Saturday.

Later we’ll carve pumpkins. We may even try to duplicate this funny thing that was sent to Gerry by his sister.

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