I bought shoes – hooray!

One of the casualties of Jan’s house were my Keen’s (which were looking pretty ratty). After walking through Jan’s house for 4 days, the shoes could NOT be salvaged and I hesitated to even put them in my car (I’d change out of them on the carport every day, leaving them on outside).

So I visited Zappos, found some NEW Keens, and now I’m suited up to visit Portland again (no plans for that, I’m just ready is all I’m sayin’)
In other news, I’m VERY proud to announce that Knit With Courage, Live With Hope (a year in St. Paul) has been nominated for the very prestigious Stephen T. Colbert Award For The Literary Excellence.

While, technically, I cannot win the award as I am not Stephen T. Colbert, simply to be nominated is honor enough.

And although it is also true that, technically, I nominated myself, simply to be a part of the nominating committee (of one) is yet another honor I will treasure forever.

And just in time, too – I’ll be able to tout my newly nominated tome at my booksigning this Sunday at Common Good Books in St. Paul!

Sunday, Oct 26th, 2:00 pm
Book Signing & Reading

Common Good Books
165 Western Ave N, #14
(corner of Selby & Western, Downstairs)
St. Paul, MN 55102

Come prepared to laugh – and maybe buy a book…?

The prednisone is working, I took a bike ride yesterday to Common Good Books to drop off my books for the signing this weekend. Just as I arrived it started raining, none of the books were damaged, but the ride home was a wet one.

However, I really like riding my bike in the rain – humidity challenging my breathing notwithstanding – so aside from the chilliness it was an enjoyable event. Then home for some designing work (I told Gerry last weekend I thought I’d be ready to design again, and three opportunities have presented themselves this week – hooray!) and to send off my Fall Newsletter (available for your perusal at here!)

Gerry and I have also been engaged in a little job of trying to organize our garage a little better. We’ve put up the leftover cabinets from our kitchen redo, and yesterday I put all of our stuff in the garage away and re-stacked my boxes of books in a more manageable pile.

Now that we have all this extra room I can move most of my packing stuff out there instead of in the basement. Little by little the house is becoming manageable, something that feels more like our home, something that works better for us.

The new cat (Kiki/Lena) jumped up on the mantle, settling in next to a lamp I brought back from Jan’s house, and I took a photo. Amazing how many other things snuck into the picture, too!

In Feb we’ll have been here 2 years, we’re settling in.

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