I’ve been feeling a little raw the last few days, ache-y throat, tired, muscle pain.

It caught up with me last night as the kids were sorting through their candy (Trick or Trade, they call it) and I headed upstairs to sleep.

So I was the first up today, I rode my bike a bit, picked up bagels and eggs and bacon. But for most of the day I laid low, hoping that this aching is just silly weather-changing stuff.

Gerry’s also been low lately, tired, cold, in pain. Nothing terribly serious, but unsettling.

He took the kids and the dog to the dog run. Hannah had a friend over for Halloween, he wanted all the kids to run wild a bit. I was lazy, I stayed home and slept. And made a quiche.

We only had 12 trick or treaters last night, but we’re on a busy street (off the main drag for tricks and treats) However this morning we had three folks drop by (two canvassing for Obama, one for Jesus)

I gave each of them candy and told them we’d already made our decision. They seemed happy with the candy.

Hannah was a Geisha, I felt like a miracle worker because I found this wig at Target for $3.50 on Thursday.

Max was a Zombie. We painted his face with green concealer (mine) and some glow in the dark paint (his) with black around his eyes.

Hannah’s friend was a Zobo (Zombie Hobo) which no one “got” – but I thought it was clever.

She’s one of the few folks I know who can really “work” some green face paint. It was a face-paint heavy kind of Halloween this year.

I’m off to bed again – I just want to rest as much as possible and fight this thing off with a full charge of energy.

I put a MPR widget on my blog to follow the election, because I know the first place you turn for poll results is my blog…

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