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(so much for no politics on a knitting blog…)

Gerry and I voted already, we’re watching Obama vote right now in Chicago (no wonder the lines are long, what is he – moving in?)

But I cannot get two people out of my mind who should be here. You may be of the mind that they ARE here, I’d like to think that, too. But I think it’s a cheat that they’re not here physically.

In some ways they deserve to be part of this day more than any other ‘bystander’ does.

1. Obama’s Grandma Toot
I was surprised to hear that Obama’s grandma, Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham, who was 87, was about the same age as my mom (who died 5 years ago at age 85, I like to think they would have been friends) Two of the greatest generation, with great legs and great hearts.

My mom had her kids very late – she just didn’t seem able to get pregnant – and that’s why I’m the same age as Barack Obama (we’re born 30 days apart, he on 8/4 and me on 9/3 of 1961) What an odd coincidence…

2. Tim Russert
Tim Russert is so missed, every political wonk I know is gritting their teeth that he never had a chance to interview Governor Palin.

How I’d love to see his little whiteboard tonight as we watch the returns. Damn.

3. Studs Terkel
I can’t believe I forgot Studs! Voice for the common wo/man, Chicagoan and Obama Supporter – and now he’s late. Dang.4. Bernie Mac
I love me some Bernie, and I was devastated when he suddenly passed this Summer. I kept thinking, “Chicago’s lost a booster, and boy would he LOVE this election!” Double dang.
Get your butts out and VOTE today, I don’t care who you vote for (yes, I do) but just get out there and exercise your right as a citizen!

I feel like this election is possibly the most important in our nation’s history. This is the election when – in a reversal of the 20th century model – we deal with a despot by kindly, gently and firmly voting his party out of office. Let the healing begin!

Never has our nation been so abused as it has in the past 8 years. Fighting back with courage and kindness and democracy is a singular event in the history of the world.

Hillel, Jesus, Gandhi, MLK, Russert, Studs, Bernie and Toot – they’re all proud today, baby!

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