I’m here in Boston, my flight got in this afternoon and I’m staying in the area in preparation for my classes tomorrow.

I’m very excited about them – a new working model for me – sponsoring and covering all the expenses of the class myself, but keeping the $$, too. On this trip it’s working out – I’m psyched about that.

As yarn shops have less and less capital to invest in bringing in a teacher, this may be a way to still get to areas to teach where no shops are able to host me. Boston is a prime example – there are lots of shops, but they tend to be smallish (which can be hard for classes) and I wasn’t able to find one that wanted to sponsor classes.

I’d always prefer to work with yarn shops – I like the symbiotic relationship between different areas of the knitting and fiber world – but sometimes it’s not possible (or practical)

So tomorrow is my experiment in handling this whole thing myself – and I’m looking forward to it!

I picked up a NY Times and Boston Globe when I arrived, papers with banner headlines, OBAMA!

My heart is so full of hope and pride, and so full of the knowledge of all the work we’ll have to undertake to undo the hole we’ve been dug into, it might burst.

Of course, the inevitable protests have begun…

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