I feel oddly adrift, maybe it’s the overcast weather (which ironically makes the foliage here in New England even more spectacular and brilliant!) or maybe it’s just staying in a different hotel every night, but I feel not quite myself. I miss Gerry and the kids, and I really miss St. Paul!

Boston was lovely – what a wonderful city, I’ve always loved it so much. The College Club is such an exquisite venue, and they were phenomenal in making the room comfortable and my students feel well taken care of. Good coffee, tea and cookies – yay!

The classes went very well, I was thrilled to have two groups of such engaged and enthusiastic knitters. At one point one student commented that they’d better be good because they knew I’d write about them on my blog – but there’s no worry there, they were a wonderful group. Very quick, very hard working (the best thing a teacher could ask for!) and very kind.

My own room at the CC was beautiful, but the bed was a little odd (two twin beds pushed together, I kept falling in between them all night…) so it was with tremendous gratitude that I arrived at the Comfort Inn here in Pawtucket and was kindly allowed to check in early so I can get a good nap in before the Q&A and book signing at Slater Mill tonight.

It will be SO wonderful to see Norah again, she’s such a doll! We’re tag-teaming classes this weekend, and I hope to get some time when we can just chat!

Also from the Department of Dolls, one of my students stayed behind last night to chat and mentioned that her college roommate and best friend lives in South Orange. It turns out it’s one of my best S.O. friends, too! [Hi, E.M…]

She’s a magnificent woman, human being and – well – she’s just a phenomenon (she stood with me at my wedding AND did the food WHILE she was pregnant…)

We engaged in the most delightful love fest about our mutual friend, it made me miss her very much. Talking about a good friend with another who loves them is a wonderful thing.

So now I’m here in Rhode Island, taking a side trip to Watertown, MA for a late breakfast at the Deluxe Diner (photo from Boston Chomps blog) which had been recommended by one of my students.

I had corned beef hash, which may have been a bad idea (I should have had scrambled eggs and bacon or oatmeal) but I enjoyed it VERY much and will make another trip there the next time I’m in the area.

No photos, but I have been taking some nice ones and when I get home (where I left the cable) I’ll share shots of the Boston Garden, the College Club and my amazing breakfast.

And now for a nice nap, I’m tired. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

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