Supposedly there are ghosts at the Slater Mill, but I didn’t see any.

I’d kind of like to see one (yeah, right, that’s my story NOW, ask me after I’ve had an encounter with an envoy from the other world) but I was too tired after the event this evening to take the Ghost Tour. I wish I had!

I was also too tired to go out to dinner, I’d eaten before anyway. So I went back to the hotel while Norah et al went off for some Indian food. Rest is good, but Indian food is good, too…

It was amazing to see Norah again, I just love her, and we had a wonderful time chatting with each other in front of the very kind group of knitters and well-wishers who came by for our chat and Q&A. A couple of short haired hand knit designers with dark-framed glasses sitting around talking. Separated at birth?

The event this evening was so much fun! Ruth and Janice had everything very well set up, but not ‘over planned’, it was a delight to be there.

I arrived very early and sat next to the river knitting for a couple of hours. A fellow with a sweet doggie walked by a few times, the dog and I bonded. A lovely, warm Autumn evening by a beautiful historic site. Just wait until you see my photos… In the mean time here’s a lovely shot taken 2 years ago by ronmcv at Flickr.

During the evening I’m afraid I talked waaaay too much [sorry Norah!] I have a tendency to ramble on, but Norah took it all in stride and was very gracious about my hogging of the conversation.

The audience was full of good questions, interesting comments and they were READY to laugh – love that! A fellow named Alasdair showed me a VERY cool hat that he’d designed, a double knit basket weave cable in several colors. It was SO darned adorable that I had to put it on, a very sweet hat!

I met Guido from It’s A Purl, Man and he was SO great – a really cool guy! I may be returning to Boston next year for some kind of blogging / podcasting / teaching thing he was talking about (I’m afraid I was too enervated to understand exactly what he was saying…)

Norah and I signed a lot of books, talked to a lot of knitters, and we both have full groups for our classes tomorrow – yay!

I’m teaching Combo knitting in the morning and afternoon, then I’m teaching lace on Sunday morning. Then I kill time until my flight on Monday (taking a Sunday flight would have been hundreds of dollars more than flying out on Monday, so I thought it made sense to stay an extra day…)

I’d love to hear suggestions of where I should go on Sunday evening to experience the beauty of Rhode Island – I love the suggestion of Bristol or Newport, maybe I’ll go there…

And tonight? I’m settling in for some fine, fine TV watching (HBO – Bill Maher) and some good knitting (Lorna’s Laces Swirl in Amy’s Vintage Office – a Man’s sweater for Yarn Forward)

Life is good.

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