SDT = So Damned Tired.

The weekend was lovely – wonderful – and I hope it was restful for the students!

I know I had a good time, but I was also feeling very responsible for folks, a responsibility I wasn’t entirely prepared to take on as I drove over to Spicer.

On the way I was thinking, “Gee, I’d love to just have some wine, have a bite to eat, do some knit teaching and crash!” But when I arrived I discovered that of the two sisters who were hosting the weekend retreat, one had to unexpectedly travel to Indiana, and the other unfortunately had a heart and health incident that put her in the hospital this weekend (I just heard that she’s doing better, not great, but better…)

What a shock! I feel absolutely churlish complaining about feeling “responsible” when someone is experiencing such a serious health situation, so I won’t complain. And it wasn’t like it was odious to be the camp counselor this weekend.

But it wasn’t expected, and it took me a few hours to move myself into that mind set. I think the retreat participants had a wonderful time – there were hugs and grins all around. Here is a shot of our bag bottoms, our little “canoes” by the lake.

One of the students this weekend (speedy Diane!) finished her LOVELY bag (which I foolishly did NOT get a snapshot of…) by the end of the weekend – I was so proud of her!

UPDATE – Here’s a photo of Diane’s bag – she sent it to me this morning, isn’t it lovely?

Most of the other students were almost done with their bags by Sunday afternoon, Diane’s bag was so exciting because we got to felt it before we left, which was great for those who hadn’t seen felting before.

In addition to mitered knitting, I also showed a little entrelac (I’ve been working on the concept of charting entrelac for a few years – click here for a downloadable pdf of the info sheet I’ve been working on…) and I taught a tiny bit of cabling without a cable needle for the class participants who hadn’t done that with me before.

As a teacher, I think I choked during the cabling demo, but as I was thinking about it later, the whole feeling-responsible-for-the-group thing was making me feel a little off my game.

At any rate, it’s so GOOD to be home, to have my knee iced and up on my stool, to have my knitting projects in front of me and NO committments until I go out to San Diego in Jan. I am going to sleep in all day tomorrow – life is tired, but good…

Speaking of Entrelac –

I just finished a piece for Summer IK which involves working entrelac in lace (a la the Forest Path Shawl from Summer 2003 IK) and I found that charting the entrelac really helped as I worked out a lace pattern that increases in stitches in each band.

I’m also working on a jacket with plaid touches, I’m so happy with the fabric so far! I showed off a bit of it this weekend, and the folks were excited by it, too!

Tomorrow I rest, I’m going to save up my energy so that on Tuesday when I go back into the studio to record more of Knit With Courage I’m fresh as a daisy.

On Friday I felt so wilted – mostly because the section I was reading was emotionally very wearying. It’s hard to relive all that again.

I wish I felt better about how my voice is sounding. At least I look hotsy totsy, huh?

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