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I just signed up for a day long class at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis on Bohus Knitting, taught by Susanna Hanson. I’m SO excited – I don’t get to take as many classes as I’d like – and this will be not only fun, but a chance to expand my teaching skills by seeing how another teacher handles a 6 hour class.

I’ve wanted to take a class with Susanna for a while, I’ve been fascinated by Bohus knitting since I first read about the coop in Vogue Knitting in the 80’s. The book, Poems of Color is a wonderful resource for information on this – school? style? – of knitting.

Those of us who teach at large gatherings always bemoan the fact that our schedules generally don’t allow us a chance to take classes with the other teachers.

This is a treat – and I’m very happy that I registered. I tried to get into the half day class the day before, but it was full so I’ll have to stretch the budget a bit to make this work. But, it’s a tax deduction because this is my living, so I can justify it that way (right..?)

I’ve also gone over to the dark side, I’ve started twittering and I’m still trying to figure it out… I have one follower right now, which makes me laugh (you have ONE follower) Now I feel that I have to twitter about fun stuff because someone is following me.

Yarn arrived from Lorna’s Laces for a new project, and it’s in colors that we’re working through on the way to a nice new colorway for me (or, really, for Gerry – doesn’t he look sweet all covered in yarn?)

This makes me so happy – but I can’t imagine anything being as lovely as Amy’s Vintage Office, which I’m working up right now in a sweater for Yarn Forward magazine using Swirl Chunky. This yarn pretty much knits itself, it’s so fabulous!

More later on Gerry’s color – I’m leaning toward the skein that’s sitting right on top of his head, but I have to knit them up to see what I really think!

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