The Traditional Thanksgiving Snake

Maybe it was the cut ends of the Brussels Sprouts? Or the gallons of potato & apple peels? Maybe it was the celery ends? Whatever it was, our disposal is clogged. It runs, it creates a whirlpool, but the water ain’t going NOwhere.

Various fixes were tried, including Gerry’s foray with his snake (he looks for any chance to bring that baby out…) but so far to no avail.

Our friend, Mike, who’s visiting for the week thinks he’s wandered onto a fix online, but it involves a pot of hot water and none of us are totally understanding it (we started drinking early) so right now Mike’s printing it out so we can all read it together at the sink.

(added Friday morning: Here is the magic link, in case anyone else has the same problem…)

Dinner’s almost ready, the turkey breast is almost done, the potatoes are waiting to be whipped and everything else is settling and warming. Gerry just finished the dressing (we cook it separate from the turkey) and we have The Godfather series on TV. Gerry remembers back in the day, in NYC, when King Kong and Mighty Joe Young were on the TV menu every Thanksgiving.

I think they show the Godfather in this holiday season so that the families at home look relatively happy and normal in comparison.

Tomorrow we’re having some friends over for a Day-after-T-day dessert and coffee thing. I bought wine and beer (not terribly helpful, but fun.) We’re feeling rather low-key, and very happy to be able to see some of our friends. I hope I have enough pie!

I’ve been pretty rotten at keeping up my blog the past few weeks, I apologize for that. I’ve been so, well, blue and sad over things. Everytime I start to write, I feel as if I’m just going to be all sad and blue, and I don’t want to take anyone else on that trip. I ride alone.

But every day is nicer, makes more sense, and is a little easier.

Today it was SO lovely that I went out for a good, long bike ride while the turkey finished and Gerry romances the sink. Happy days!

I came home to two cats in love (Shiloh is very thankful we brought a babe home for him, Kiki seems pretty thankful, too!)

Gerry just announced that, “Following the Insinkerator instructions [drumroll] we got it fixed!”

Thank you, insinkerator, this will be the BEST Thanksgiving EVERY!

3 Hours Later
The dinner was grand, the kitchen is cleaned, the garbage disposal is chugging away and we’re just giving ourselves a few hours to digest before we stumble toward that bright light we call “Dessert” Yee haw!

So we’ll sit, we’ll stuff, and then we’ll have either Apple or Squash pie (I made both) and rest. We may have a game of Monopoly or Scrabble later, who knows?

I think we’ll all watch Spirited Away. I could tell that Mike is impressed with the video knowledge our kids have – lots of unusual movies and TV shows, we’re odd parents.

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