Giving Books for the HolidayOr, Can In Interest You In a Little Heresy?

Okay, we all know that I have no problem tooting a horn that has my name on it. I’ll toot anyone else’s horn, too, but I’ll be certain to wipe off the mouthpiece. Or I’ll use my own. I used to play trombone – one more thing you probably didn’t know about me…

So Kim Werker and Shannon Okey are getting all, “Hey, buy my book!” so I’m thinking, why not get all “No, buy MY book!” myself, and see who else is going to jump on this bandwagon.

Hey, buy my book!

It may just turn into a big circle -ahem- book purchase (you thought I was going somewhere else for a moment, didn’t you..?)

Flip Knits – The best darned stocking stuffer I ever self published! Fun for kids, adults and helpful for folks who want to better know their knits, purls, increases and decreases. And they’re fun – just watch!

Confesssions of a Knitting Heretic – Good for new and established knitters alike. Not the prettiest book you’ll pick up, but it’s crammed with lots of – stuff. I’ve been told it’s a fun read. I’ve also been sworn at.

Knit With Courage, Live With Hope – Hey, if I can’t make money off of my husband’s cancer, then who can? Seriously, it’s the story of one year in our family’s life, the year we moved to St. Paul and discovered that Gerry had Multiple Myleoma.

Cheaper Than Therapy – A collection of fiber related essays which I edited

Knitting Millinery – 5 wide-brimmed hat patterns & detailed instructions on how to make them (using millinery wire, and all that jazz)

Romantic Hand Knits
– Big, pretty book – you can get it at Amazon or your local yarn shop!

Men Who Knit & The Dogs Who Love Them – The title says it all – knits for man and beast!

Twist & Loop – Dozens of Jewelry Designs to Knit & Crochet

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