Showing Off

I got to show off a lot last night; I showed my house off, I showed off my cooking (mixed results) and most important I got to show off my friends to each other.

What a lovely evening – just wonderful! We wanted to have some friends over, but I know from experience that the day after Thanksgiving is a minefield as far as picking a good time. Some folks have evening commitments, some folks work during the day, and we didn’t feel like staging a full-out party, anyway.

So we opted for a sort of “Open House” whereby friends would drop by between 2-7 for some pie and coffee and leftover turkey and ham. Yes, I made a ham yesterday. Or, rather, I warmed one up (can one really ever make a ham?)

Friends trickled in around 2:30, coming slowly at first. Then more frequently – bearing bottles of wine (no need, we had a box of wine-masquerading-as-cool-aid in the fridge!) and, best of all, bringing their own good selves.

It almost felt choreographed – as soon as one or two folks would put their coats on to say “Goodbye!”, two more would be at the door. Instead of sitting in the living room, sort of how I’d envisioned a get together, we ended up just hanging out around the table and eating – in shifts – each group overlapping with the group just before and just after. A nice mix, I felt very proud of my friends, my food and my home!

It’s always fun to get to show our house off. It’s small, it’s like so many homes in the area, but it is lovely. And we love it! Pridefulness is a sin, and I was definitely prideful last night. Our last very fun friends left around 9:30, seven full hours of hostess-y goodness. It really was delightful – for me at least – I hope for everyone else, too!

Today I got up and cut the remaining ham off the bone, then started a bit pot of soup simmering. We’re planning on heading down to Rice Park this afternoon for the opening of the free rink in Rice Park. We need to check and make sure the kids’ skates still fit – or we can get a free skate rental because I have my Wells Fargo check card (they’re sponsoring the rink) Anyone want to join us down there at 4:00?

I’d like to head off to the Minnehaha dog run with Atticus this morning, but I’m bound and determined to finish the sweater for Yarn Forward (it’s almost done – I ripped out the raglan yoke because it just looked way too fussy for a man’s sweater, it looks better now just in ribbing)

I’d also like to go for a bike ride. But I have the plaid short sleeved cardigan to finish.

I have to leave on Monday or Tuesday for WV. I’ve promised Jan’s sister in law that I’d come back down and try to help get the last things in order before we walk away from the house and allow it to go into foreclosure. Hard, hard, hard.

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