Microblogging: Sunday, Nov 30 2008

I’ve been twittering. This is how I feel my day is going

6:27 am: Woke to lightness in room, realized it had snowed.
6:32 am: Rose, put on PJ bottoms and shuffled down to kitchen
6:35 am: Put on oatmeal (in crock pot) and put tea kettle on
6:36 am: Let dog and cat out
6:38 am: Let dog in, cat won’t come back – evidently it likes snow.
6:39 am: Took meds, put kettle on for tea
6:40 am: Turned on computer
6:41 am: Took photo of back deck covered in snow.
6:42 am: Tried to take photo of front bushes, camera battery low.
6:42 am: Took piece of nut bread (last piece!) and settled at email
6:45 – 7:00 am: Answered email, deleted a lot, left a lot to be answered later
7:02 am: Turned on “Careful Use of Compliments”, dvd from library, soothing.
7:32 – 7:37 am: Mike, guest, came downstairs to putter around, went back to bed.
7:20 – 7:50 am: Sorted through Ravelry ad groups, deleted those with no clicks on my ads
7:21 am: Reserved new Ravelry ad space for December
7:56 am: Opened old Rav ads to add Christmas theme for new Dec placement
7:59 am: Tired of sitting, put on boots and went outside to clean snow off of chairs
8:00 am: Hit cat with door when I opened it. Cat wants in.
8:01 am: Almost slipped when putting outdoor seat cushions in garage
8:09 am: Stacked up deck furniture, wondered where it will go.
8:10 am: Reheated tea.
8:11 am: Took piece of pumpkin pie, oatmeal not done yet.
8:12 am: Realized that if I keep writing about what I’m doing, I’ll end up doing nothing.

8:26 am: Uploaded two ads to Ravelry, cleaned up targeted group list (deleting groups which haven’t clicked on my ad)
8:30 am: Decided to set aside the computer and finish the darn YF Sweater (which I love, seriously, but it’s unnerved me…)
8:40 am: Unsure about neck shaping. I want to do it as a short row thing, but the math is difficult. This is my third attempt with this, if I get it right I think it will be elegant and much easier to work it this way. Oy.
9:25 am: Spent the last 45 minutes on neckline math. I like it, but it’s frustrating.

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