If I Were 20 Again…

I was idly thinking, “What would I do if I could start a totally new career, as if I were 20 and fresh as a daisy, right now?”

There are so many things I’d like to do – to have done. These are the tops on my list today:

  1. Really buckle down and BE a comedy writer
  2. Study hard and become a Rabbi (not being Jewish, this might be hard…)
  3. Become a Jazz Singer
  4. Becom a Pastry Chef
  5. Study Indo-European languages (huh?)
  6. Have a big family (adopted)

Of course, I still can do any of these – so be very afraid!

This morning I woke up with a bad cold. Just as I was feeling my sore throat and runny nose, an ad on the radio announced, “The only thing worse than a sore throat is a sore throat and a runny nose…”

Stupid mindreading radio.

So hot Lady Grey tea has been made, my Vitamin C, Airborne and Alka Seltzer Cold have been drunk and I’m easing in to my day. Gerry’s putting away the clean dishes and I feel guilty. Hannah’s late, as usual, and someone will have to drive her to school. Life.

Update: Hannah decided to ride her bike. It’s 22 degrees. She is my daughter.

Mike, a very good friend of Gerry’s, has been visiting this week. It’s been wonderful for Gerry, he’s been happier, more engaged, just more – Gerry – than he’s been in months. But he’s also paying the price.

Visiting a computer store yesterday morning, lunch at a Vietnamese Restaurant, then to a hockey game in the evening (my early Christmas gift for him – plus Mike and Max) just about wiped him out.

While they were at the game, I inadvertently slow-roasted eight biscuits for 2 hours. Yep, I definitely have a stuffy nose – didn’t smell a thing…

Gerry fell asleep in the car after lunch, and came home and took a 2 hour nap. My 49-year old, 68-year old guy. Maybe he’s getting a cold, too?

Mike hasn’t seen him for a few years, it’s hard for him to understand how exhausted Gerry can get (even though he’s looking very good) and it’s always hard for Gerry to admit that. Heck, it’s hard for ME to see it.

Gerry, of course, feels the need to be the 30-year old guy he was when he and Mike were buddies in Rochester, NY. So he took the stairs yesterday at the Xcel center (and he’s paying for it now, Show off.) He didn’t want to wait for the elevator or crowded escalator, but the stairs do a number on his hip. Stupid bones.

I’ve hit the wall with some Math for my Yarn Forward sweater. It’s nothing difficult, I justmade a few short cuts in my worksheet (my bible for each pattern) and I’m paying for it. I think the only recourse is to rework the sheet.

I was fretting about this when I received an email from the new editor (Shannon Okey – go Shannon!) explaining that they overbooked pieces for the next issue so if I wanted I could be in the following issue. HOORAY! Those mind-reading lessons that Shannon’s been taking are really paying off!

I’m also finishing up a plaid cardigan for IK. Actually, only the yoke, short sleeves and trim are plaid, the rest is ribbed stripes (to carry through the strong horizontal and vertical feeling in the plaid)

It’s a sweater I’m falling in love with, and I feel I need to really do it justice. The extra time I gained from pushing the YF sweater back will help.

Tomorrow I leave for WV again. I was going to go today, but – like the YF sweater – I’d pushed it back.

Joyfully, while I’m there I’ll visit the gang at Lorna’s Laces and see the new changes in the “Roadside Gerry” color. I love LL, I love their attitude, their yarn, the folks who work there – what a delightful group!

I am incredibly fortunate in that the yarn companies I’ve worked with – Artyarns, LL, SWTC, Tilli Tomas, Spirit Trail Fibers, Argossy, My Friend London, Brown Sheep, Muench, Louet, Malabrigo, Buffalo Gold [oh, heavens I know I’m leaving someone big out, please forgive me! Note that these are companies I’ve worked with, there are a TON of yarns I adore that I’m not mentioning here…] are all wo/manned by exceptional folks.

Or maybe it’s not fortune? Maybe it’s just the way of the fiber world?

Maybe I’ll add, Start a yarn company to my above list…

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