Calling In Gay

Hey Folks,

No blog today, I’m calling in gay! (I’m straight, don’t get any ideas, but I have a gay-pass for today)

I’m sick about the inability of some fundamentalist folks to recognize that marriage is a CONTRACT. If you want to make it a sacrament, please do so with the help of your local religious authority. When Gerry and I were legally married it was by a JUDGE, and the next day we had what we called our “spiritual” ceremony with poems and readings by friends.

I’m not saying everyone should do it this way, but I don’t see why anyone has the right to infringe on the rights of others to enter into a contract (boy how I wish Jon Stewart would have brought that up when talking with Mike Huckabee last night – probably one of the most endearing advocates against equal marriage rights, but he’s still wrong…)

Hey – I guess this DID turn into a blog post. Never mind. My volunteer work for today? Taking Gerry around to various appts to deal with his increasing pain. And I got him a humidifier (won’t that just make everything better?)

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