Simple is Good

It’s been a lovely, simple, wonderful Christmas chez Landy. We’re very lucky, very happy – full of good feelings and happy to spend time with each other. Life is good.

Gerry’s had a lot of excess pain over the past few weeks. Little things have happened that aren’t so little when everything is terribly painful, and that’s been a strain on both of us (obviously, more on him…) I’ve

Hannah’s been stressed with finishing up some stuff for school, Max has just been – well – affected by all of our stresses.

The past 3 days we’ve been able to be in a calmer place, just blending in with each other as well as we can, enjoying our company. It’s been nice.

It was a thin Christmas – not a bad one at all – but very simple. The kids got rather spare gifts, lots of underwear and other necessities. Same thing with me and Gerry, PJ’s, hoodies, things that we need. Simple necessities.

Our big splurge was the skiing lessons, which turned out to be more economical than either of us thought. The kids loved it so much – more than either Gerry or I anticipated – and that made the whole thing an amazing bargain. We also figured out after Day 1 that we could show up early and the kids could get another hour or more of skiing in before their lessons, which was just gravy!

Unfortunately the video I shot with my camera was so low resolution that I had to fiddle with it in Photoshop (creating an animation) for any sense of the movement to come across. The kids are both total converts, and Max has already declared he wants to be a skiing, piano playing architect (his 3 passions) when he grows up!

Tomorrow I may look for a coat. Heaven knows I need one!

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