A Clean Office

Shannon Okey, who’s the new editor of Yarn Forward, asked me if I’d take some photos of my “studio” space for a piece on designer’s spaces. After I finished laughing, I decided it was time to actually get my office space in working order before I committed to taking any photos.

Yes, I know a few months (weeks?) ago I blogged, “I FINALLY HAVE AN OFFICE!” And I did. Really.

But I didn’t do the further – and vital – step of claiming the space by moving my books, yarn, tools, etc., into the room.

I relinquished it to Gerry and Max, I figured it was the least I could do after taking away their nice, big office. No – wait a minute! Must-not-be-nice, must reclaim office space…)

And I did. Add to that the fact that I spent about 4 hours doing image research for a book idea yesterday and it may be that perhaps I am working toward something?

Or maybe I really did just spend the day straightening up?

…And playing with my devil ducks! Don’t they look evil sitting on the ends of my needles? Be very afraid of the DD’s, baby!

Gerry vacuumed and mopped today – I didn’t stop him – and now his back hurts. I should have stopped him.

But the house is quite beautiful…

Tonight my knitting group is coming over, I don’t have the treats I had last time, but I DO have a ton of yarn (discontinued yarns, colors with which I can no longer design) to distribute freely among them.

My own knitting? I worked up a hat over the holidays, I made several different versions and I think I’ve finalized the pattern. It’s amazingly easy, it creates those cute little earflaps and I think I might be able to make it a universal pattern.

At any rate, Hannah likes her new hat! And Max has insisted that I make one for him! Maybe I’ll write up the pattern, it’s pretty slick!

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