A little tiny bit of heaven

This morning I woke up feeling warm. I do miss MN, and even though it was -21 (before wind chill) I love it, but it’s nice to be warm, too! Gerry and the kids haven’t had phone or internet service since the morning I left, as of this afternoon still nothing. Thank you, Comcast…

I’m feeling a little down – I got ill today and I’m trying to figure if it’s something I ate, or something I caught. For a bit it seemed that it might have been prudent to have Shannon stay with someone else – heaven knows I don’t want anyone else to get what I have! – but eventually it all resolved itself and apparently I’m not ill, just was a little nauseous.

But sitting in the sun, resting, all of that is good and makes me feel better. I have nothing I MUST do until I teach on Sunday, then I fly out on Monday afternoon, so I do have a nice chance to rest myself. Enjoyable.

I’m supposed to meet Cat Bordhi this evening after her class – I’m looking forward to it, she’s such a great person!

The show seems like it may be small, but it always seems that way before the floor opens.

The Stitch Coop has a nice book smack between Dream In Color and SWTC, how lucky can we be? We’re also just behind Malabrigo, so our yarn needs are pretty well established!

Kristi Porter brought a lot of great stuff for the booth, she lives nearby and
we are SO lucky she does! We all pitched in and had a veritable ‘booth-raising’ before I began to feel kind of icky and faint. I sat down on the floor while everyone else labeled the pieces for the booth, then headed over to take a nap in Amy’s room across the . How convenient…

Instead of napping, though, I felt so ill that I just sat in the Hilton lobby for a while. After a few hours of resting I did feel back to my old self. I think something I ate this morning must not have agreed with me…

I headed back over to the booth with Amy, dropped off a few hats to Lorna’s Laces for their booth (that brand new pattern that incorporates earflaps into the initial cast on, which I should have finished soon as a downloadable pdf file. Maybe…)


I met with Cat, we had a very lovely dinner. She’s a remarkable person!

We ate at Masala, and had some of the best Indian food I’ve had in years! They actually had ROSE ice cream on the menu, something I hadn’t had since the Indian American Festival in Central Park back in 1986 or so. It was very good.

I walked a bit, and met up with a huge gang of fiber folks corralled by Marly (Yarn Thing) for a lovely 2nd dinner.

I didn’t have dinner, though, I had a sundae (which may have been a silly idea after my amazing rose ice cream) The sundae was good, though! Life is good.

While waiting for the rest of the big fiber bunch to show up for dinner I filmed a singing, dancing group happily swirling down the sidewalk. Then who should roll up but 5 friends in 2 pedi-cabs (I keep expecting them to give pedicures as you ride….) racing to the bar. And I had to race to keep up!

Today really was a tiny bit of heaven!

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