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As promised, I’m keeping the History on Two Needles work as open and transparent as I can. If it’s good enough for Barack …

I just posted my “Wish List” of artworks. I’m talking to a freelance permissions group to see if they feel we can work together to track down the rights to publish these artworks in my book, and which pieces may be impossible to get or just too expensive. (Thank you, Deb!)

I’ve set a budget for permissions, I have no idea if it’s way out of line, I’m figuring this as I go along! It’s scary to jump into a project that doesn’t have a guarantee of pay.

The book could tank, I could get to a point where I can’t finish it, a lot of stuff could happen. But I’ve felt for at least four years that it’s a very good idea, and I want to fund it. So – with my own work and my own funds, I will.

I’m tweeting now – I’m modeknit! Follow me…

UK in 2009?
I’ve sent out a couple of emails to some shops you blog readers have mentioned to me as possible venues for classes. I’d love to be able to set up a teaching trip in the UK this year, in the Summer would be lovely (unless that’s an absurd time frame because of vacation schedules over there, etc.) If you know of a shop that might like to host me, please let me know – or have them email me – and we’ll see what we can set up.

I’m toying with the idea of cashing in more of my frequent flier miles (yes, I have so many more!) and taking the family along. That may be stupid, or it may be inspired, but Gerry’s never been out of the country (except for Canada) and he really wants to go someplace. I’d like to make that happen while his mobility makes the whole idea feasible. It may turn out that this means the trip won’t pay, but if I break even with it I’ll consider it a great success for the chance to create such an amazing family trip. We’ll see…

Audio Book
I may have very big news about the audio book of Knit With Courage – it’s out and will be ready to purchase in a few days, but it may also be up at Audible if all goes well. Cross your fingers – this is a big one, and will mean a lot to have the book available to their subscribers!

In addition to my website, perhaps Audible and the Holton House website, the book will also be available on Amazon. If you’d like to see the book at Audible (and who wouldn’t…?) please let Audible know – it will help quite a bit!

Book: Knit with Courage, Live with Hope
Author: Annie Modesitt
ISBN: 978-0975421925
Audio Producer: Holton House

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