Birthday Slide

Max was SO happy yesterday – for the second year in a row, we’ve had amazing weather for his birthday party (it was sunny and in the 40’s yesterday, with as much snow as anyone could want for sledding!)

A gang of 13 boys + 1 girl went sliding down the hill (and yes, I did too – and I even managed to squarely hit one of the “bumps” – backwards – which made my glasses fly off!) and had a spectacular time. Then we herded them back into the 3 cars that brought them and back to the homestead (Charlie’s parents house, we lucked out!) for a showing of Get Smart, pizza and soda.

Could a birthday be more fun? Maybe, but this one was just right!

Immediately after Christmas I rushed the sales and found Max the Star Wars lego set he’d been coveting for half price, and was able to keep it hidden until yesterday. A great feat, indeed!

I’m finishing up a crocheted skirt for IK which I’m loving – it’s turning out very nicely, and just when I was in doubt as to whether it was appealing a friend of my daughter’s dropped by (a friend with very good taste) and begged her mom to make her one. That’s always nice to hear!

Unfortunately I’ve had to rip out the hip yoke twice, the first time because I just didn’t like the fabric I was creating, and the second time because I wasn’t happy with the waist decreases. Let’s hop that the third time’s a charm because the skirt is DUE this week. I’d show photos, but it’s not my right to at this point. I will show you one of the pleats, though – I’m very proud of them!

So today as I rest up from the wild running and sledding, I’ll re-crochet the hip yoke and the hem edging, and I’ll sit and enjoy the sun streaming in the window and the snow on the ground!

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