Ruffle & Cap Finessing

A lot of the last few days has been devoted to finishing up the ruffled collar. It’s not really a scarf, although it could be worn as one. It’s not really a collar in the sense that it’s attached to a garment – it’s a stand alone.

It’s not as big or ruffly as the original (see below), but – given today’s fashion sense – that’s leaning a bit toward cross dressing land. NOT that there’s anything wrong with that, and it might be a future book…

The point of this book is to create MODERN garments that the average knitter would feel comfortable leaving the house in, with an inspiration from historic works of art.

So to that end I give you – The Ruffled Collar!

I’m absolutely in love with how this yarn works up – there are so many ideas floating around in my mind for ways to use this.

One construction note is that it’s hard to weave in the ends of a fabric ribbon, so I’ve designed this collar so that the ruffles begin and end in the center of the piece, thus putting the loose ends to the back.

The ends need to be hemmed, but I’d rather do that in a more inconspicuous place than at the center front.

A button needs to be added at the center front, I’m sitting tight until the right one comes along – just like mother said it would…

The Hat
I ran the earflap of the hat in a long band across the back, rather like a helmet – or a coif in a Brueghel painting.

But it was bunchy and ill-fitting, so I revised it by making it two separate earflaps.

Now it fits better and will require less tweaking by the knitter to get a good, universally wearable chapeau.

Looking Forward

Today I swatch and write up the pattern for the Chiton, I’m going to ask a friend to knit it up for me, so I have to get it ready to go.

I’ll be using the very fine, laceweight Lux from Buffalo Gold, but I’m adding beads and double knitted edges to give it weight and a better drape. It will be worked on size 6 / 4mm needles, so I’m hoping it won’t be a nightmare to knit. You up for this, Miriam?

I need to assign yarn to the Minoan Snake Goddess outfit, and figure out what yarn would be best for the Egyptian inspired skirt and top. Ah, me…

And then there’s scrabble…

But today, if we can arrange it, we’re going off to watch the kiddies sled. If life gives you snow, find a sled! Or a hip-hop hottie to wear your latest creation…

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