Sutton Foo

It’s coming along – it’s exciting!

And, yes, to answer a comment it IS mohair.

As I’d mentioned earlier, this yarn is very inspiring to me, so it’s what I’m using to work up this pattern. You don’t go looking for inspiration – sometimes it just finds you!

I’d had this project in the back of my mind for years, but I hadn’t even included it in my original list of projects for the book because I hadn’t felt the inspiration to start it. When I received the Mohair Splash from Artyarns it was the kick in the pants I needed for this specific project.

Will I quibble that the yarn isn’t perfect? No. Perfect should not be the enemy of good.

As I also mentioned, I’ll be working up another one of these masks in a smoother yarn – perhaps a sock yarn – to double check the pattern and stitch definition.

Just because I work up a sample in one yarn doesn’t mean that everyone who knits this must use the same yarn.

For instance, I am allergic to angora. When I knit with it, I can’t breathe.

However, I design angora sweaters. I just make sure that other folks knit them.

If I see a pattern for an angora sweater that I’d like to make, I would use a different yarn. So if this mask is intruiging, and if you don’t like mohair close to your face, my suggestion would be a different yarn might work best.

You wouldn’t tell a chef who is developing a peanut butter cookie recipe, “You know, some folks are allergic to peanut butter…”

It’s a true statement, but it shouldn’t prevent the inspiration of the chef. Besides, perhaps one of those allergic folks might take the recipe and rework it using almond butter, or soy butter…

Trying to be all things to all people doesn’t make us better, it just makes us crazy.

Inspiration isn’t always perfect – it’s just – inspiring!

I’ve added some stuff to my sidebar – an agenda calendar of my upcoming teaching venues and my twitter / newsletter / rss feeds in better places.

I’m trying to embrace the marketing goddess within me…

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