Don't I Know You?

It’s been a week since my last blog post – I seldom let this much time go by without an update.

The truth is, I’ve been frustrated. BY THE SKIRT.

Stupid skirt.

The good news is that the Mango Moon Silk Ribbon rips out and reknits VERY nicely. The bad news is that I’m just not able to get my mind wrapped around the best way to get this skirt done.

I’m at the point of just leaving it and moving on to something else.

I know that’s the wise thing to do – obviously this skirt is just not that into me, and the more I pursue it, the more of an idiot I appear. Didn’t I go through this in college? Several times?

I need to be cagier, less eager, act like I don’t really care.

“Oh, I remember you!
You’re that – skirt – I used to hang around with, right?

I was SO young and inexperienced then, what a fool I must have seemed.

So how are you? Been getting around much, finding other folks to knit you up?


Quel suprise!”

So I’m putting it aside and moving on. At my low points it makes me sad, makes me weep, and makes me feel as though I’ve wasted a week of my life.

But it’s not a failure, just a deferred success, right? The time spent on the skirt isn’t wasted, it’s hard earned knit design training and when I DO return to the skirt I’ll be more refreshed. I hope.

So I’ll put this lovely yarn away, to return to another day, and continue on with the EGYPTIAN SET! I’ll be swatching this morning so I can figure out the pattern, then I’ll dive into it.

Yes, it still hurts. Dang. Perhaps if I hadn’t been fool enough to RAKE THE ENTIRE BACK YARD the other day, I’d be more whole. And for added emphasis I dug out all of the leaves in the front yard under the hedge.

I am a fool – but my yard is tidier!

To be honest I couldn’t help myself – it was a lovely, warm day, I was reading about gardeners, and I felt the need for seed. Unfortunately there’s still no planting going on in our tiny yard – the ground is solid (it’s frozen just a few inches down wherever I dig, and we still have a couple of icebergs in our yard) but the trees are budding.

On Saturday afternoon my good friend Karen came by, along with Gail and Annie A., and we sat on our back deck and knitted, ate, drank some fine wine and had a lovely time. I love my friends, love meeting new ones and love that I’ve reached a point where I’m developing some deeper friendships here.

Earlier on Saturday I biked over to Amore Coffee with Maxie and met a neighbor who’s also a knitting guild member. What a joy to have neighbors who knit – nice, kind, smart, funny neighbors who get my jokes and KNIT!

So sore shoulder and non-functioning skirt design be damned, it’s Spring and every day that it’s sunny I’m out on my bike. Life is good, my taxes are almost done and I never have to get on skiis again if I don’t want to.

Speaking of skiing, Gerry and I have both been pretty shaken by Natasha Richardson’s tragic accident.

As you may recall, he did great with the skiing, even making it down the smallest non-bunny hill a few times (sitting down on the way twice.) I gave up after lesson #2, falling on my shoulder during the second lesson seemed to have clipped my wings.

So when we heard about Ms. Richardson’s fall on a beginner slope, and how quickly it became fatal, it made us both swallow hard. I wear my helmet when I bike, and from now on I’ll make sure that if any of us are doing something with the possibility of a violent fall we’ll have appropriate headgear. I hadn’t realized just how many fatalities are caused by head injury.

If nothing else comes of this senseless accident, I hope that more folks begin to realize how fragile our skulls are, how sensitive our brains, and how easily we can leave those we love behind.

So, yes, I guess I’ll take the sore shoulder with gratitude. Now on to some new swatching…

…and have I mentioned how in love our cats are with each other?
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