Lining up the Duckies

I’m in a process of putting my ducks in a row, which is a change for me because usually I keep them skewered on the ends of my knitting needles as a decorative display in my office.

But with a wealth of editorial designs suddenly dropped in my lap, and a full schedule of teaching engagements on the horizon (culminating in a non-teaching TNNA adventure in Columbus in June) I figured it’s time to get a bit more organized.

Today I go pick up the newest reprint of Confessions (the “little engine that could”, is what my husband calls it… Sold more than 40,000 to date!) from my printer in Minneapolis.

I’ll also do some erranding in preparation for my Craft Cruises Teaching Trip which begins on Sunday, April 5.

It’s snowing here today, this is NOT an April Fool. I’m so glad I got two bike rides in yesterday – the snow is getting fluffier and bigger, no bikes today…

I want to knit a fair isle bra so I can flash a la Spring Break Coed for the “Knitters Gone Wild” video I know Drew’s going to be shooting…

Yarn Forward
BIG goal for the day is to finish a fitted cardigan I’m working up for Yarn Forward Magazine.

It’s been a delight – and I’ve also done a lot of ripping – those two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. I don’t love to rip out, in fact it makes me sad when I’m on a deadline, but making something that makes me wince a bit would make me sadder.

So I’ve spent a lot of time ripping, leaving not so much that’s able to be photographed. Here are my happy, happy signature needle arts size 8 needles nestled into the dishy yarn. They cannot MAKE the circulars soon enough for me, baby!

I’ve turned a corner, though, and today I should be able to join the arms and body to complete the yoke for this top. Yoke is misleading – I’m working it as a raglan – but I find it easier to work the sleeves and body together at this point in the round and do some steeking later.

I can’t give big, long looks at the piece, but here’s a nice glimpse of the fabric. (Yes, it’s very similar to the fabric I created for the Circular Shrug for VK a few years ago – hey, it’s a nice fabric!)

The yarn is Scrumptious from Fyberspates in Wales, a UK choice for a UK magazine, and it’s been delicious to work with!

And now – off to the printers and the Aveda Institute. Where else can I get a $150 facial for $40? Plus a haircut for $15 and a mani/pedi? If you’ve got all day, it’s great (the students can be slow, they’re learning…) but it’s a good prep for my upcoming week.

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