Baggage Rendezvous!

I was so happy to have my bags back last night – yay! And I have TWO projects that must be mailed out no later than Wed, so I have to get crackin’

Evidently I was more ill than I thought. Gerry made me go to the doc, and I do indeed have Bronchitis, and I’m on an antibiotic. But I feel so happy to be back in my home that it’s hard to feel really bad. I’m such a darned Virgo.

I urge you to visit Drew Emborsky’s blog for some lovely photos of Aruba and Curacao. Thank heaven he took some nice ones!

Pam, a friend from the cruise, made the most adorable crocheted hat with a day-glo orange brim, which she wore to the lifeboard drill.

Today she sent me a photo of herself in it, and it’s charming. It crystalizes – distills – the cruise for me, all in this one sweet image…

And now back to work. I must knit like the wind.

And as I knit I’ll contemplate a crisis of teaching confidence I’m flirting with. Finally – the cruise is over and I’m flirting!

I need to rethink some things, perhaps rewrite my handouts and set everything up more as a rotisserie type of class thing (cafeteria classes?) I need a boost of new energy.

I love teaching – LOVE it – but my fear factor rises as classes start in silly ways. I feel inadequate – frightened that I won’t be able to get through to everyone – but I know this is because I’ve been dormant for a few months. I’m looking forward to the 3-week teaching trip in May/June to get my chops back.

To that end, I’d love to add some book signings / speaking gigs – freebies – at shops where I’m passing. Check out this map of

If you know of a shop that is on my way, please ask them to get in touch with me if they’d like me to do a book signing. I think I’d like to add a few low-pressure reach-out events to get me back into fighting form, to meet knitters & crocheters in person (with no expectations that I’ll be able to unlock the mysteries of all decreases and increases.)

Maybe I’m just crazed with the lung infection.

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