Tilli Tomas Love

I have neglected something SO important that I hang my head in shame…

Right before I left for the cruise my friend Tracy from Tilli Tomas wrote to ask if my students would like some yarn. Wait, let me check — YES!

So she fed-ex’ed some yarn right over to me, and I was blown away by her generosity!

She sent lovely beaded, sequined and bejeweled yarns in various colors and textures, and my students ATE IT UP! Well, it was a cruise ship – we tended to eat anything that wasn’t tied down…

The yarn absolutely MADE the lace class, and everyone started the Gigi scarf from Romantic Hand Knits in the intended yarn.

One student’s marine blue scarf was SO like the waves outside our window, it was just lovely (Hi, Kathy!)

So this is my belated – and much heartfelt – THANK YOU to Tilli & all the little Tomases for their help in making my students the envy of the Caribbean. Yar!

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