Oh, My Achin' [insert joint here]

I’m in pain, baby, and it’s not the fun kind.

All last week I was achey, it was the flu/bronchitis coming up. Now Big B is settled firmly into my chest (this baby is NOT going away) and it’s brought super-duper joint aches with it.

Last ache to emerge? Lower back.

It was just mildly annoying yesterday, more troublesome last night. This morning I was walking with a definite tilt (known around here as The Leaning Stumble of Annie) and just as I thought I might be feeling better I went and spoiled it all by taking a bike ride to pick up Maxie at school and escort him to his Hebrew tutoring. I am not usually this stupid. Oh, yeah, I am.

So I’m home, I’m blogging and I’m about to go upstairs and recline in bed while I finish the sleeves on a project for IK. I KNOW that rest is what I need, the bike thing was some freaky idea I had that, “I can walk this off…”

Yeah, right. Guess I couldn’t “ride it off”, though.

I’m basking in the glow of having sent out 2 projects earlier this week (they arrived!) and just received an AMAZING piece from Miram Tegels for History on Two Needles. I want to polish it up a bit before I photograph it and blog about it, but – as usual – I’m so proud of Miriam for her amazing knitting!

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