Hey Folks,

Whatever this crud was that I picked up on the cruise ship (at this point I’ve heard of 4 folks on that cruise who have it, too – one before they met me, the rest I probably contaminated…) it is NOT going away.

I know I sound like I’m falling apart – I’m not – but this April seems to have been a perfect storm of bronchitis / headcold / flu infect-y thing, pinched nerve in my back and the continuing ski-fall shoulder twinging. Who knows, they’re probably all connected! I do feel that when there’s an infection in the body all the aches and pains feel three times as bad.

At any rate, I’m dopey, lightheaded, feeling icky and my skin hurts. I pulled myself together to go to Hannah’s speech competition last night (she got 2nd place in her group!) but ended up just sitting in the car because I felt icky and didn’t want to be around a huge pool of infectable folks. Don’t ever say I’m not fun on a date.

I keep trying to hop on my bike once a day – even just to go around the block – because the weather is is amazingly beautiful and life is good. But then every time I blow my nose or cough up a lung I’m reminded in vivid ways that I cannot rid myself of this infection. Hey – this feels like old time! This reminds me of those endless bronchial things I used to get back in NJ.

Along with me being ill, my computer is acting up. Specifically, the port where the power supply goes into the computer seems to be on the fritz, so the computer can get no power, and it is dead as Marley.

I apologize if you’ve written and I haven’t responded. I’m on my husband’s computer now, and when I finish this I’m retreating to the back porch to knit in the sun and then I’m sleeping the rest of the day. Yes, I will go back to the doctor. And Gerry’s working on my computer even as I write this.

Let’s just call this an enforced period of inactivity and enjoy it, shall we?

And while I’m inactive, I’ll be finishing the Egyptian skirt & top, and making the belt for the Chiton. Pics to come!

The Maryland Sheep & Wool show is coming up, and It’s A Purl Man Guido is putting together a shindig! I would give a great deal to be there, but I’ll be at my own wonderful Shepherd’s Harvest out at Lake Elmo teaching a few classes, so a trip to Maryland isn’t in the cards.

However, if you’ll be in Maryland and would like to hang with a wonderful assortment of fiberly folks during the show’s off hours on Saturday evening, check out this fete!

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