The Big M

Annie is taking off today
to celebrate for Mother’s Day.
So an awesome guest-blogger
her 12-year old daughter
will write the featured post (Hooray!)

Well, well, well. Hello. I am your dear guest Hannah. Yes, I did rip that off from A Series Of Unfortunate Events, but that is probably the only line I know that was in both the book and the movie, so I enjoy using it.

Throughout this blog post, you may find odd faces like these: :3, x3, xD, đŸ˜€ because as you know (if you read the first line) I am not Annie (Mom) but an evil little creature named Hannah who is not actually evil nor little, but is taking over her mother’s blog post.

Well, dear readers, lets get started.

Since I am a “lazy” person (I like to sleep in late) I made a point of going to bed early last night in hopes that somehow I’d wake up early and be able to see mom go downstairs to find the white tulips and truffles we had bought for her at Just Truffles.

No such luck.

My dad woke me up at 10:08, grinning merrily like the Coca Cola Santa Claus, and told me how mom had, “Loved her gifts, and she and my brother Max were at Lookout Park where they’d biked while I was still asleep.”

Which brings us to this picture! (Que the music!)

This picture is of my brother drinking tea from (I think that’s the lid) of a thermos and eating.. A truffle!

Side note: I find it funny that a truffles are named after type of mushroom because I detest mushrooms, but love truffles. (They’re chocolate, what chocolate eater doesn’t like truffles?)

In fact, I am currently biting into some kind of truffle that is not Chai. I don’t know what it is, only that it’s not Chai.

Back to me talking. So Max and Mom had an awesome time at the park, eating a truffle and drinking tea. They both get up early and do things like that. I sleep in. Who’s the wiser? You be the judge…

Side note: OMG I just realized I’m eating a Baileys truffle or a caramel truffle.
I think, and I am pretty sure, it’s caramel. But still, what if it’s

Back to me. I am very sorry if my side tracking is confusing you. Believe me, it confuses even the greatest of minds.

Anyway, I think I’m done explaining that picture up there with the boy squeezing his eyes closed as he sips tea from the cap of a thermos, or whatever they’re called, holding a truffle in his hand and wearing a dark sweatshirt with a bike in the background.

Yeah, that’s all the explaining I’ll do. I could also explain, though, that that was a run on sentence. So I guess now I’m done explaining.

Ta-Dah! New picture! I know, I just fainted from excitement too.

Anyway, this awesome picture is not of a quiche or some sort of pie, even though it’s from the Italian Pie Shoppe. Oh noez, did I just give it away!?

Anyway, I should tell you even if I didn’t give it away. That is a pizza (I know, you’d never guess, it looks too… Amazing!) from the Italian Pie Shoppe that got cold so we stuck it in the oven.

I was watching it and told mom when it was time to take it out, and when she came over to look at it she gasped in delight. Okay, maybe I fudged it a bit, but still. It was a darn good lookin’ pizza.

I say “was” because after mom took this picture, we scarfed pizza down our, as some books say, “Gobs”. Basically we stuffed ourselves.

Now, one of the awesome things about pizza from the Italian Pie Shoppe is that they put bits of sun dried tomato on top of their pizza, and its soooo good x3! Even I, the girl who is picky and who doesn’t much care for tomato, loves it!

Side note: This blogs getting kinda long… Sorry if I’m boring you!

And now, for the last picture that I shall describe.

I will first tell you that I did try this on, but cannot find the picture mom took of me wearing it.

Anyway, what this picture depicts is part of a hand knit dress my mom is working on (her friend, Miram, the fastest kniter in the world, knit for her. She lives in Holland, where there are tulips and she brought me licorice. Did she bring you licorice? Noooo!)

She’s already pretty much finished, but she’s been adding final touches like a new belt which is the green beads you see. The bottom and collar also have green beads. Mom’s basing it on some type of Greek/Roman dress, and I don’t wanna give too much away so I’d better stop now xD!

Well, since I have some extra room left, I’ll ask a few questions:

  1. Did you ladies and gents enjoy my (awesome) blog post?
  2. If I posted again, would you like it?
  3. How are your Mother’s Days going?
  4. What type of music do you like?
  5. Are you going to answer these questions :3?
  6. I think my icon faces (x3, :3, xD, :D) look weird, do you?
  7. Did you realize that I actually lied?
    That picture was not my last, this one is!

    It’s me in Paris with my friend, Elle.

Well, if you’ve read through all this stuff, I congratulate you!

Thank you and good bye!

~Hannah Brooklyn Landy~
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